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Vet Recommended Organics Wrinkle & Folds Cream


As pet parents it’s heartbreaking to see our furry best friend in pain and anxiety caused by skin issue,  it makes us feel helpless. Fortunately there is a safe and easy solution!

Clean and Protect Wrinkles and Folds (USA Made – 2oz – 59ml)

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  • BETTER SMELLING FOLDS: We all know how stinky yeast wrinkles can cause a foul odor and discomfort for everyone. This organic wrinkle cream for dogs spreads effortly between your dog’s wrinkles and folds and offer relief for not just your best friend, but the whole family.
  • FOR WRINKLY DOG BITS GREAT & SMALL: The Vet Recommended Wrinkles & Folds Cream for Dogs will work perfectly for all dog types such as Frenchies, American Bulldogs, Mastiffs, English bulldogs, Shar peis and alike.
  • A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY: Yes, a tiny half-pea size amount stretches a long way. Whether you are using the dog cream to clean and protect wrinkles, clean tear stains or to clean and protect tail pockets, you can be assured that our fast acting paste will give your best friend what they need.
  • ORGANIC & VEGAN DOG CREAM – SAFE – EASY TO APPLY -: Wrinkles & Folds organic dog pastes contains only the finest selected ingredients. NO hard to pronounce ingredients; just pure ingredients designed to soothe and calm. This means you can have peace of mind that what you are applying to your best friend’s skin, is safe and effective.


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