Red Tiger Pattern Socks with Velcro for Large Breeds


Made of soft and breathable high-quality fabric, it has good elasticity, fits tightly to the dog’s feet, and is very breathable, so it won’t make the dog feel stuffy.

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  • The material is very safe, will not cause harm to the dog, and can protect the dog’s feet from being stabbed by sharp objects, allowing the dog to move around the house more safely. And keeps your dog’s feet from getting dirty.
  • The socks have a large area of wavy non-slip silicone. These non-slip silicone can enhance the dog’s traction control on the ground and make it less prone to slipping. Especially useful in homes with particularly smooth floors. Double-sided glue dispensing design ensures that the socks can still prevent slipping even if they are turned over.
  • In addition to the magic tape fixation, the sock tail is designed to be tightened, which can fix and prevent the sock from falling when the pet is walking or running. To be on the safe side, we included a detachable magic strip, which is elastic to further prevent the socks from falling off. It is recommended that you remove the magic strip before washing.
  • Available in Size XL suitable for Large Breed Dogs


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