Pet Mermaid Sequin Mermaid Costume

 Everyone loves mermaid costumes, and your dog is no exception. Your dog dreams of being a noble mermaid princess and searching for Halloween treasures in the blue sea with her friends. With our stylish pet mermaid costume, your dog will instantly get an authentic mermaid look. Once your dog has it on, she is ready for an adventure in the ocean!

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  • [SHINY PET MERMAID COSTUMES] This is the most dazzling mermaid pet costume on the streets for Halloween. The entire top is covered with pink round sequins, the classic mermaid body has many colorful scale patterns, and with a sparkling blue tail, your dog looks like an absolute shiny mermaid princess. Comfortable and lightweight pet Halloween costumes make it easy for your dog to traverse the crowd at a Halloween party.
  • [EASY TO WEAR & ADJUST] Thanks to the two adjustable straps, you can easily adjust the dog costume to the right position. If you want to bring something interesting and colorful to the puppy, we recommend that you wear this dog dress, let your dog dress up, and join the game. Brightly colored dog mermaid costumes are exclusive to this year’s themed party, and your friends will look forward to this adorable mermaid. 
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