Non Skid Socks


These socks for pet’s paws can guard your wooden floor from scratches by your pet’s nails, also can reduce the noise when your pet walks or runs indoors, as well protect their paws when they are going out here and there.

  • these pet socks are made of cotton material, soft and breathable, elastic and reusable, not easy to fade or tear, suitable for indoor wearing, making it comfortable and warm for your pets to wear.
  • these soft dog grip socks adopt anti slip design, which can provide extra friction to keep the dog from falling down indoors, and your dog will walk just fine, and it can also guard your dog’s paws from cold.
  • Suitable for S/M pets

Red & White Socks, Red & Grey Socks, Blue & Grey Socks, Grey & Colored Stripes Socks, Yellow and Black Socks, Blue & White Socks


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