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Loft Style Cat Scratcher and Lounge


The two-story cat Condos can provide two cats with places to play, rest and sleep,It has similar features to cat beds and cat castle, but more cost -effective than them,This cat house is not suitable for too big cats. It is specially designed for kittens within 8 pounds each one.

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  • Sturdy Cat Beds : Made of high -quality and environmentally friendly recyclable corrugated cardboard and MDF.It is a lot of fun for our cats. and you can simply assemble it, remove or move at home.
  • Protect Furniture: There are 4 cat scraping boards, two -story stair steps and bunk bed with two cardboard pads. These corrugated cat cardboard scratch can be replaced. By releasing all the energy by giving the cat with a good scratching position, and protecting our furniture.
  • Easy to Assemble: Fixed through transparent silicone rings, you only need a few minutes to assemble this cat house.


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