Dog Calming Collar (Waterproof)


Calming Collar for Dogs 4 Packs Anxiety Relief Dog Pheromone Collar 60 Days Sustained Release Pheromone Separation Anxiety Stress 25 Inches Size Flexible Adjustable Fits All Small, Medium Large Dog. 

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  • [Quickly Improve Bad Behavior]Calming dog collar can quickly and effectively relieve dogs’ fear, anxiety and tension caused by veterinary visits, thunderstorms, unfamiliar environments, pet loneliness, fireworks, separation anxiety, high temperature, noise, traffic and travel. Dog calming collars can calm and soothe your pet’s emotions.Calming collar help your dog quickly assimilate into a new environment. Let the dog no longer have anxiety behaviors caused by facing various environments.
  • [Safe And Easy To Carry]Calming dog collars is made of safe and harmless TPE material, dog pheromone collar which can be activated by body temperature and release pheromones. Pet calming collars help dogs overcome stress from the external environment such as fear, anxiety, hyperactivity and other undesirable behaviors. Calming collar for dogs help your dog focus during training.
  • [Size Flexible And Adjustable]The pheromone collar for dogs is 25 inches (65 cm). The size is flexible and can be adjusted arbitrarily. You can choose the size that is most comfortable for dogs and trim off the excess length. The calming collar for dogs is great for small, medium, and large dogs of all weights and of almost any type.


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