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Blue and Grey Moon Star Socks with Velcro


If you are looking for socks that would provide traction for your aging dogs, as the floor too slippery to get to him feet and pulls regular socks off in a matter of seconds, our anti-slip doggie socks are the perfect solution. With a super grippy, nonslip sole, these dog socks with sticky strip provide an extra layer of protection against slips and falls, both indoors and out.

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  • These pet socks are made of 75% cotton, 25% polyester material, soft and breathable, stretch and reusable, not easy to fade or tear, will nor cause any discomfort or burden to your pets, allowing you and your pet to play to the fullest to enhance your relationship.
  • Long enough of knit dog socks to go over his from dew claws and prevent the shoe from cutting into it, also prevent dogs from licking and irritating wounds, further helping to heal foot wounds. Protect his paws from the elements that come with the city (broken glass, mystery fluids, hot pavement, & road salt when it’s cold).
  • These non slip dog socks indoor are suitable for protection of dog paws, protection of furniture, hardwood floor, leather sofa, fabric sofa, table, chair and more from scratch, no more damage to your pets or your house.
  • Available in Size L


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