Sling Carrier Tomkas


This purse is very comfy to carry your Chihuahua, Yorkie or any other small animal anywhere and  anytime.

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  • PREMIUM MATERIALS AND DESIGN: The  carrier is made from selected fabric. The fabric is thick enough to ensure softness and reassure furry children.Hardware and snaps are durable.It has a large opening that can easily put pets in it.You can move the safety belt to change the bag’s capacity, and press on the snaps to help close the opening.The sutures are tough, well-made and not prone to cracking. 
  • Sufficient safety:  You just put your pet in it, attach the safety buckle to the leash buckle on the vest or harness. If your pet wants to jump out of the pouch, the safety belt will stop it from this dangerous behavior and keep your puppy safe. The bag is very reliable in terms of safety.Remember, never tie the safety buckle to the collar, it could hurt the dog’s neck if it jumps out.
  • Large-capacity zippered pockets to store things: It has a zippered pocket on the front that can help you store your phone, keys, cards, poop bag, wallet, some treats and even a leash. 

Red, Black, Green


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